Marble design
Marble design
Marble custom design originates from nature,design originates from life
design originates from nature design originates from life
Marble lamp
Why choose us
We have a strong design and technical team successful cooperation experience, standardized operations System, one-on-one 100% service exclusive consultancy service, if you need Beyond the stone company you expect, if you need a long-term cooperation and letter Any work team, then please contact us we look forward to your call!

Resource advantage

It has a mine covering an area of N mu in Pakistan, with a reserve of N and an annual output of N The mine stone contains 25 varieties including The ore varieties will increase in the mining process with the change of the mine

Geographical advantage

The company is close to the port and is an important stone output area in China s coastal seas The stone factory is close to the city and the transportation cost is low

Technical advantages

The company has lean new production of water, introducing various advanced production systems: automatic CNC CNC machining center,stone processing precision of 0 1mm; 400*360° infrared bridge, automatic thickening machine, multi-head grinding machine, 5T crane

Resource integration advantage

The company has close cooperation with excellent suppliers such as N, N, N, and provides the company The company has exhibition halls at home and abroad, actively promoting the company s excellent products and promoting the company s design philosophy

Team advantage

The mottom Technology Design Team is a group full of infinite love, passion and inspiration The team works together, is motivated, and is responsible for the work And form a set of design concepts that belong to mottom Technology